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Post-Divorce Modifications and/or Enforcement

Modifying your divorce Judgment in Illinois

After a divorce becomes final, either spouse at a later date may request to modify their divorce decree upon a showing of a substantial change in circumstances. In order to file a motion for modification, a divorce decree requires a careful and complete analysis to determine the best approach to take given the situation. You cannot simply change the terms of your divorce because the terms are inconvenient or burdensome.


Each divorce case if different and post-divorce modifications are not always possible, however, you should seek the assistance of a qualified attorney to learn more about your options. Attorney Faye M. Lyon represents both sides of post-divorce modifications. If you are the party seeking modifications or the one wishing to challenge one, Attorney Lyon is experienced and prepared to provide the legal representation you need.

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Is post-divorce modification possible?

Following are four of the most common issues that are resolved as part of the divorce that often change and become a reason to request modifications:

Modifications of Child Custody/Allocation of Parental Responsibilities

 A custodial parent or a parent with majority parenting time needs to relocate or has demonstrated a significant change in circumstances; warranting a change in a previous custody order. 

Child Support Modifications

One of the parents has encountered a change in jobs, possibly earning less and cannot fulfill existing child support requirements or awards.  

Spousal Support Modifications

Perhaps there has been a remarriage or change in income that requires spousal support (also known as maintenance and/or alimony) to be reduced or terminated. 

Property Division Modifications

These are rare but do exist. This is a sensitive argument for the courts who are hesitant to revisit prior property division agreements. A reputable and knowledgeable attorney, such as Attorney Faye M. Lyon, is highly recommended when fighting for a revisit on property division modifications.

Don't Just Stop Your Responsibilities

Failure to abide by the terms given in your decree may result in court action or contempt charges and make things worse if you decide to challenge.  All terms should be satisfied until a Court order is made that changes the terms.
Hire an experienced Illinois divorce attorney, such as Faye M. Lyon, to properly handle the situation with you.

Post-Divorce Modification Questions

Your modification depends of the ability to demonstrate the inaccuracy or other reason to justify the modification.  For example, to modify a spousal maintenance agreement, the paying spouse must submit proof of the changed circumstances requiring the modification to the Court. 

Unplanned personal or economic circumstances that make it unsuitable or impossible to abide by the original terms can cause a Court order for modifications. If an individual who pays child support experiences a job-loss and cannot afford to make those payments may seek modification.

When the other party in your divorce fails their responsibilities outlined by the terms of your settlement, you have the right to take legal action. These are three ways you can compel your former spouse to comply by the terms of your decree:

  • File for civil contempt
  • Pursue criminal charges
  • Use collection procedures

*Always consult an attorney, such as Attorney Faye M. Lyon, when enforcing an existing divorce order.

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Avoid Further Complications

Working with an experienced post-divorce decree modification attorney will ensure the process is completed properly with fairness to both parties.  If you are in need of an experienced attorney for modifying or enforcing an existing divorce settlement in Illinois,
Contact Attorney Faye M. Lyon Today!

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